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Mandelbrot’s Fractals

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Benoit Mandelbrot, the pioneer of the theory of fractals, recently spoke at a TED event.  Fractals are mathematical objects that exhibit infinitely repeating complexity.  That definition may be  hard to grasp, but the graphical representations of fractals aren’t, as seen by the picture above.

Mandelbrot is able to describe his work in layman’s terms.  View Mandelbrot’s talk on the TED website.

You can also view a cool video of animated fractals in this YouTube video:

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Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

Sunday, April 04th, 2010

The Vue is a personal video network that provides wireless access to video camera output. Small Vue cameras can be easily installed in your home or business using a patented peel-and -tick magnet system. The output from the camera can be remotely viewed from any web browser or iPhone.

Avaak provides each user with a secure account at VueZone.com where video clips can be stored and viewed later. Videos can also be uploaded to Flickr and YouTube. Although Avaak plays up the fun aspects of sharing Vue videos, the most obvious use of this system is as a personal security system and for keeping tabs on what’s going on when you’re not there. The basic system with 2 cameras sells for $299 on Amazon. Additional cameras cost $99 each.

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A New Look for YouTube

Wednesday, July 01st, 2009



YouTube will soon roll out the redesign of its channel page, despite an outcry from some users who want things to stay just as they are.  The Google video-sharing site tested the redesign for several months before announcing that the new design will go live on July 15.  The goal of the new design is to provide a better user experience for YouTube site members and visitors.  You can read the YouTube announcement here.

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Flip Compact Camcorder

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

The Flip is a pocket-sized camcorder that delivers high quality video. This is Flip’s latest model, featuring HD video and 8 GB of built-in memory. No tapes or memory cards are required to record video. The Flip camcorder has one-touch recording and a really simple, intuitive user interface. You can literally take this camcorder out of the box and be making videos in just a matter of minutes. Maybe the best part of the Flip camcorder is that it has a built-in USB arm that plugs right into a PC or MAC, so no wires or cables are needed to upload video. The Flip also comes with software that makes it easy to edit and email clips, make movies and photos and to upload clips to YouTube and MySpace.

My friend’s teenage son received a Flip as a gift and he uses it a lot, making movies of friends and his band. The Flip is really sturdy, withstanding the beating a teenager can give it. This handy camcorder is highly recommended.

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