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The Ingenious Socket Pocket

Monday, October 05th, 2009


Sometimes the simplest things are the most ingenious.  If you’re always looking for a place to put your phone while it’s charging or feel like the charger cord is always in the way, then the Socket Pocket could be the perfect solution for you. This inexpensive electrical socket cover has a pocket to hold your cell phone while it’s being charged.  Now you can eliminate cord clutter and have a handy storage location for your cell phone, PDA or MP3 device.  Simply remove your existing socket cover plate and replace it with the Socket Pocket.  You can set the Socket Pocket in tan or white for only $4.99 at ThinkGeek.

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Wifi Hotspot in your Car

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Autonet Mobile claims to be the world’s first internet service that turns your car into a wifi hotspot. With a router installed in the trunk, multiple devices in the car can be connected to the internet. Autonet Mobile uses their own TRU technology to maintain a lasting connection as the car travel between cell phone towers and in areas with poor cell phone reception.

See a demo of Autonet Mobile and a review in this CNET video.

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