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Cobra Tag Bluetooth Wireless Device Leash

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Cobra Tag is an ingenious Bluetooth gadget that will help ensure that you never again leave your smartphone or car keys behind.  This clever device uses Phone Halo Technology, a smartphone app and a small key fob device.  Users simply download the app and then attach the fob to the object they want to protect (can a purse or laptop as well as car keys).  If the distance between the smartphone and the fob becomes too great, an alarm will sound.

The Cobra Tag also can record the time of day and GPS coordinates to mark exactly when and where a loss occurred and then send this information to a preset e-mail, text message, Facebook or Twitter account.  The device also includes a two-way find feature that lets you press a button on the fob to find your smartphone, or use the app to find the fob.

Cobra Tag is one of the next generation of devices that integrate wireless technology.  Popular Mechanics has given it an Editor’s Choice award and it’s sure to be a popular gift during this year’s holiday season.  Find out more about Cobra Tag on the Cobra Electronics website.

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The ZOMM: A Wireless Leash for your Phone

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

If you’ve ever lost your cellphone, you probably wish there was a way it could tell you that you were leaving it behind. Now you can put a leash on your cellphone – a wireless leash. The ZOMM is a new device that uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. When you move beyond a certain range, the device will first vibrate and then beep, alerting you to your missing phone. The ZOMM is a small disk (about the size of a poker chip) that you can put in your pocket or attach to your belt. It’s available in eith black or white models. In addition, the ZOMM can be used as a speakerphone or can be used to automatically send an incoming call to voicemail.

The ZOMM can also function as a personal security device, emitting an alarm or alerting emergency assistance with the touch of a button. The ZOMM recently won the 2010 International CES “Best of Innovations” award. Read more about the ZOMM on the product website.

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