CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is without a doubt one of the biggest annual events in the world of technology.  CES 2012 will be held January 10-13, when thousands of companies and tens of thousands of participants will gather in Las Vegas to get up close and personal with the latest offerings from large and small electronics retailers.  There are always bound to be a few surprises, but show attendees can expect to see innovative products in the areas of smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and HDTVs. 

Interestingly enough, e-book readers are not expected make a strong showing like they did in 2009.  The niche is currently dominated by a handful of players who are holding steady with no major product announcements expected. 

CES 2012 should also be expected to highlight automotive and household technology.  Thanks to wireless networking, smartphones are becoming more integrated with consumers’ cars and homes.

Visit the Engadget  website to read a preview of CES 2012.

Date: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
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