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MEEP! Tablet for Kids

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Everyone seems to have a tablet or smartphone these days.  Now Oregon Scientific  has come up with a gadget that lets kids be part of the fun.  The MEEP! Is a rugged kid-friendly tablet  that features a 7-inch zForce touchscreen display, a G-sensor for screen rotation, WiFi and an SD card slot.  It’s designed for kids aged six and older.  Parental controls for online use are provided via an online control panel.

The MEEP! made its debut at the American International Toy Fair earlier this month in New York. More information about price and availability should be forthcoming.  Read more about the MEEP! on Engadget.

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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Friday, February 17th, 2012

While other laptops are getting thinner and lighter, the Razer Blade is taking a different approach.  This gamer machine features a 17.3-inch main display as well as a secondary screen to the right of the keyboard (known as the Switchblade UI) that can display game info or double as a touchscreen trackpad.  All of the Razer Blade’s hardware is aimed at high performance for gaming, from Nvidia graphics to its Corei7 processor, yet it’s still less than 1 inch thick.  Additional features include an HD webcam, 8GM of RAM and 3 USB ports.

That’s Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan shown holding a Blade in the photo above.

The pricetag on the Razer Blade is about $2800, making this a machine for the most serious gamers only.  Find out more about the Razer Blade on the Razerzone website and read a full review on Wired.

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Why Scotland Hates Siri

Friday, February 10th, 2012

When Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 4S last fall, it was the voice recognition system (dubbed “Siri”) that received the most attention.  Many Scots rushed out to buy the new smart phone only to find that Siri doesn’t understand their accent (even when they set it to U.K. English).  In reaction, a tongue-in-check commercial was filmed for Apple Scotland that challenges Siri with a thick Scottish brogue.  Check it out on YouTube, where it’s gone viral.

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Adonit Jot Touch – The Best of Macworld

Saturday, February 04th, 2012

Macworld | iWorld just wrapped up in San Francisco.  This annual expo has grown from an Apple trade show to an extravaganza that Apple bills as “the ultimate iFan event.”  In addition to the usual product and services exhibits, this year saw a renewed focus on how the community of Apple users create music, art, film and more with Apple products.

Now that the event is over, its time to review the top Macworld products. At the top of the list is a simple stylus for the iPad – the Jot Touch from Adonit.  This stylus features a Bluetooth connection that also works on Android and Windows devices.  The Jot Touch detects and reacts to varying amounts of pressure with different stroke widths.  It works with most apps, especially those that have been integrated with the Jot Touch SDK (includes Clibe and Procreate).

Find out more this style on the Jot Touch website.  You can also read about another stylus in this post about the Wacom Bamboo Stylus.

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