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Mechatar Combot Robots

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Mechatar combat toy robots from iLoveRobots combine the technology of online gaming and real-world remote controlled toys.  Each Mechatar has an online presence that evolves through online and real life battles and missions.  This means that each Mechatar robot is an individual entity with unique experiences that make it different from any other.

Read a review of Mechatar robots at the Wired GeekDad blog.  According to GeekDad blogger Tony Sims, iLoveRobots currently makes some of the best robot toys on the market.  The company founders gained their experience at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute and have successfully brought work in adaptive robotics to the commercial market.

You can find out more about Mechatars by visiting the iLoveRobots website and viewing this YouTube video.

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Tagg the Pet Tracker

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Tagg the Pet Tracker is a GPS system for man’s best friend.  The Tagg Tracker is a small water-resistant GPS device that clips onto the collar of a dog or cat.  Once it’s in place, the Tracker will continuously report its location and can be tracked on a smartphone or over the Web.  You can also define a geographical zone and receive an e-mail or text alert when you pet goes outside the zone.

Tagg the Pet Tracker and a year of service sells for $199.  It’s the first product from Snaptracs, a subsidiary of leading mobile technology company Qualcomm.  Find out more about Tagg the Pet Tracker on the Tagg website.

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Cobra Tag Bluetooth Wireless Device Leash

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Cobra Tag is an ingenious Bluetooth gadget that will help ensure that you never again leave your smartphone or car keys behind.  This clever device uses Phone Halo Technology, a smartphone app and a small key fob device.  Users simply download the app and then attach the fob to the object they want to protect (can a purse or laptop as well as car keys).  If the distance between the smartphone and the fob becomes too great, an alarm will sound.

The Cobra Tag also can record the time of day and GPS coordinates to mark exactly when and where a loss occurred and then send this information to a preset e-mail, text message, Facebook or Twitter account.  The device also includes a two-way find feature that lets you press a button on the fob to find your smartphone, or use the app to find the fob.

Cobra Tag is one of the next generation of devices that integrate wireless technology.  Popular Mechanics has given it an Editor’s Choice award and it’s sure to be a popular gift during this year’s holiday season.  Find out more about Cobra Tag on the Cobra Electronics website.

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Steve Jobs Portrait Mosaic Made from Apple Gadgets

Friday, October 07th, 2011

Visual designer Charis Tsevis has created a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs in the form of an intricate mosaic portrait composed of all types of Apple gadgets, from MacBooks to iPods to iPhones and iPads

Tsevis said he began working on this portrait when Jobs retired due to illness earlier this year. He unveiled it short after Jobs’ death on Oct. 5 and it has been featured on many news websites. The portrait reminds us how the co-founder and former CEO of Apple reshaped the computing experience and changed the way we communicate, listen to music and interact online.

See more amazing artwork on Charis Tsevis’ official website.

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