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Kiwi Wi-Fi iPhone Car Diagnostic Kit

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Turn your iPhone into your personal car mechanic with Kiwi’s Car Diagnostic Kit.  After you’ve plugged the KiWi wireless device into your car’s diagnostic system (through the OBDII port beneath the steering wheeI) , a suite of downloadable iPhone apps will monitor problems and report on torque, horsepower and other engine information.

That flashing dashboard light doesn’t have to be a mystery – let the Kiwi Wifi tell you what it means.  Find out more on the PLX Devices website.  See it in action on a BMW 135 in this YouTube video:

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Variér Furniture Gravity Balans Chair

Thursday, December 09th, 2010

The Gravity Balans chair from Varier Furniture looks like a high-tech rocker, but it actually is more like a hammock.  The chair is designed to be used in three different positions: upright, partially reclined and fully reclined (pictured here).  Wired recently reviewed the Gravity Balans chair, saying it’s incredibly comfortable (a “nap magnet”) when when reclined, once you get used to the suspended position. 

The downside?  The Gravity Balans costs a whopping $1995, beyond the budget of many of the young males it will appeal to.  And moving between chair positions can be an intimidating experience.  Read the complete Gravity Blans chair review on the Wired website or find out more at the Varier Furniture website.

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