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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Ever since the Nintendo Wii hit the market, motion-controlled video games have been growing in popularity.  Microsoft has taken technology to the next level with Kinect.  This new controller for the Xbox 360 responds to full-body movement.  Applications like Dance Masters and Motion Sports immerse you in the motion of the game without having to worry about holding a controller. 

For more information, visit the Kinect website.  You can also read a review of Motion Sports on

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Welcome to FarmVille

Monday, November 08th, 2010

If you’ve never heard of FarmVille, then maybe you’ve been living on an actual farm without a computer for the past few years.  FarmVille isn’t an actual place – it’s a virtual farm environment hosted on Facebook and available as an app in iPhones and Android phones.  A reported 60 million people own virtual farms in FarmVille, where they plow, plant, grow and harvest virtual crops.  There are currently more FarmVille virtual farmers in the U.S. than there are real farmers.

FarmVille is free to play on Facebook, but many players choose to pay real money to buy virtual goods for their farms.  Zygna, the developer of FarmVille, is a privately-owned company rumored to be worth $5.5 billion.

Find out about all the Zygna games on the Zygna website.  You can see how a serious FarmVille fan explain why she loves the game in this YouTube video:

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