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Cool Patio Portable Outdoor Misting System

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If you live in a warm climate, then you’ve probably encountered a water mister at an outdoor café.  The idea behind the mister is based on the fact that water on your skin cools you as the moisture evaporates and takes heat with it.  A mister system can reduce your body temperature on a hot day.  Now you can install your own portable mister system on any patio cover, umbrella, fence or boat railing.  Just attaché the system to a water source and then sit back and enjoy the cooling mist.

The Cool Patio 30 Outdoor Misting System provides 30 feet of mist, enough to cool the ambient temperature by up to 30 degrees.  At $29.99, it’s a real bargain.  Read more about it at

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Powerful Solar Gadget Charger

Thursday, July 08th, 2010

Solar chargers for gadgets are getting better all the time.  The Solar Gorilla produces up to 10W of power in direct sunlight.  Two photovoltaic cells make this small solar charger powerful enough to charge a laptop.  It makes a great travel charger, allowing you to power up while on the go.  It can also be used in any home or office.  Besides laptops, it can be use to charge iPods, mobile phones, GPS devices and just about any small gadget.

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