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iPad is the New Catnip?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Apple’s new iPad supports the touch screen technology that has made the iTouch and iPhone so popular. We doubt if Apple tested the iPad on any non-human users, but here’s a YouTube video that shows the appeal of the iPad for a cat named Iggy.

Do you think its claws scratched the screen?

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Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

Sunday, April 04th, 2010

The Vue is a personal video network that provides wireless access to video camera output. Small Vue cameras can be easily installed in your home or business using a patented peel-and -tick magnet system. The output from the camera can be remotely viewed from any web browser or iPhone.

Avaak provides each user with a secure account at where video clips can be stored and viewed later. Videos can also be uploaded to Flickr and YouTube. Although Avaak plays up the fun aspects of sharing Vue videos, the most obvious use of this system is as a personal security system and for keeping tabs on what’s going on when you’re not there. The basic system with 2 cameras sells for $299 on Amazon. Additional cameras cost $99 each.

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