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Alien Sculpture made from Recycled Steel

Sunday, February 28th, 2010


RoboSteel is an Irish company that fashions sculptures from recycled scrap metal. One of their latest creations, shown here, is made from 4000 recycled steel parts, stands 8 ft tall and weighs in at 1200 lbs. The figure is based on the queen alien from the Alien movie franchise. Most of the parts came from Yamaha motorcycles and were hand-welded together to create this impressive sculpture. Three people worked full time for three months to complete this piece of artwork and a matching alien king figure. This piece is on sale at for $6000.

RoboSteel also sells smaller creature sculptures that are hand welded and created from steel parts.  See their full collection on the RoboSteel website.

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Wheely Talkie: Walkie Talkie in the Round

Saturday, February 20th, 2010


The Wheely Talkie is a new walkie talkie concept from French designer Josselin Zaigouche.  Compact and sustainable, this round walkie talkie can be recharged without an energy source.  When the battery runs low, running the wheel against a surface (like your pants leg) will charge the battery.  Battery-level indicator shows how much power remains at any given time.  A belt clip makes this round walkie talkie totally portable.

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Eton Scorpion Survival Radio

Friday, February 12th, 2010

This cool new piece of survival gear lets you take your tech along when you go camping. Eton’s Scorpion includes a digital AM/FM radio with NOAA weather band support. There’s also an LED flashlight, headphone jack and USB port for charging your other gadgets. The Scorpion can be  powered via a hand crank or solar panel. The rugged external case is splash-proof and includes a carabiner clip and bottle opener. The Eton Scorpion will be on sale this spring for about $50.

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Eye-Catching Stickers for MacBook

Friday, February 05th, 2010

Wired’s Gadget Lab recently features a unique Apple MacBook sticker that incorporates Iron Man and the glowing Apple logo on the MacBook’s cover. The sticker is available on Etsy in the shop of vendor SkinAT, who sells MacBook sticker for $14.99 and ships them from Beijing.

Here’s another sticker from the same vendor that depicts Snow White and the Apple.

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