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Will it Blend – The CoChicken

Monday, November 30th, 2009

willitblend_blackThe Blendtec blender company has a fun way to demonstrate its products. Their “Will it Blend?” videos show company founder Tom Dickson successfully blending all kinds of things, from entire McDonald’s meals to golf balls. One of their most popular videos is The CoChicken – a coke blended with a cooked rotisserie chicken (bones and all). After it’s blended, you may be shocked by what happens next:

To see some high-tech blending, check out another video where an iPhone 3G undergoes the “Will it Blend?” test.

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MiKandi: New App Store for Porn

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


The Apple mobile application store continues to ban adults-only (i.e., porn) apps. Since the Android OS is open-source, there has been nothing to stop a third party vendor from creating an app store that sells explicit content developed on the Android platform. That’s just what a company called MiKandi has done. The MiKandi Market will sell adults-only apps that will run on Android OS mobile phones. This includes the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, the Samsung Hero and the Motorola DROID, among others.

There currently is very little content in the MiKandi Market. The website has announcements that encourage developers to upload both free apps and apps for sale. Besides porn apps, the biggest development about MiKandi is that it may serve as a test bed for 3rd party app stores. If it proves to be popular, it may open the door to other Android app stores and may even lead to 3rd party Apple app stores.

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Digital Beatles Catalog: The Long and Winding Road

Friday, November 06th, 2009


In the continuing saga of the availability of digital versions of The Beatles catalog of music, EMI has announced that the complete remastered catalog will be available on an Apple-shaped USB stick starting December 7. The 16 GB USB will contain all 14 Beatles albums along with a collection of documentaries, photos, album cover art and liner notes. The good news is that the cost will be less than $300, but the bad news is that only 30,000 Apple USBs are being produced. Perhaps this release will decrease the demand for The Beatles songs in the iTunes Store, since there seems to be no plan to make them available there. True Beatles fans can find out more on The Beatles website.

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