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Lifehacker’s Browser Tests

Sunday, August 30th, 2009


Lifehacker recently published the results of some informal speed and performance tests that were performed on some of the top non-Microsoft browsers. Chrome 4.0, Firefox 3.5 and Opera 10 were submitted to a series of 3 tests which measured Boot up and Page Loading (won by Chrome), Javascript execution speed (again won by Chrome) and Memory Use (which Firefox won). The results were very close and the tests were unscientific, but it makes for an interesting comparison. Read more about the browser tests at the Lifehacker website.

See this earlier post for more details about the recent Opera 10 release.

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Back to School Apps

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009


Gizmodo recently listed the top Back to School iPhone Apps.  The App Store has more to offer than just fun and games, as shown by the wide array of educational tools and reference guides that are now available.  Here are the top three apps, based on sales figures from the App Store:

  • iStudiez Pro: A class scheduler that targets university students.
  • AlgebraPre Series: A series of 5 apps that provide tutoring videos and pratice tests for algebra students.
  • Convert: a unit calculator that converts a dozens of unit types, useful for math and science homework.
  • the best of the free dictionaries.
  • MyHomework: a free class and assigment scheduler.
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    Miss IFA – Show Gets Underway

    Saturday, August 15th, 2009


    The annual IFA electronics show, Internationale Funkausstellung, will soon be underway in Berlin, Germany. Miss IFA, the face of the show, is on hand to add her signature red-hot look to the event. Highlights of this year’s show include Panasonic’s HD 3D TV, Philips interactive TV, and a wide variety of new touchscreen devices. New TV technology is dominating the 2009 show, but most of it won’t be available to consumers until at least 2010.

    The IFA show will run through September 9. For more about Miss IFA, check out this video from earlier this year:

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    Opera 10 Debut

    Friday, August 07th, 2009


    This month will see the debut of the Opera 10 browser, one of the alternatives to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) that, along with Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox, is carving out its own niche of the browser market. According to InformationWeek, Opera 10 is similar to Firefox, minus the open source and large user base. Currently holding a 2% share of the worldwide browser market, Opera trails slightly behind Chrome and Safari.


    Recent figures show Firefox with about 25% of browser users and IE retaining about 66%. The trend in recent months has been for IE to slowly lose ground to the upstart browsers.

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