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The Freelock Self-Locking Bicycle

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

freelock_01The Freelock is a concept bicycle which features an innovative self-locking design. The bicycle seat doubles as a lock, eliminating the need to carry a lock and chain on all your cycling treks. The handlebars and body can be rotated to accommodate different bike racks and poles. The only problem could be that the wheels are now vulnerable to theft, a problem which the old-fashioned chain and lock took care of.

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Robot Teacher Saya-San

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


A professor named Hiroshi Kobayashi at Tokyo’s Science University has developed Saya-San, a robot teacher. Saya-San currently can take attendance and hand out assignments. One of her most suprising abilities is enabled by 18 motors located under her eerily life-like latex face which allow her to make various expressions which are linked to descriptive words like sad, angry and happy.

Japan is funding research into robots like Saya-San as a possible solution for the problem of labor shortages due to an aging population. Inventor Kobayashi is careful to warn that Saya-San has no intelligence and still couldn’t begin to replace a human instructor.

An earlier version of this robot named Saya was put to work as a receptionist in 2004. See her being put through her paces in this Video:

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Multi-color LED Light Bulb with Remote Control

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

This multi-color LED light bulb with remote controller is a slick little gadget which allows you to turn a standard light fixture into a mood-setting light. Use this light bulb to set the mood for a party, a holiday or a relaxing spa-like experience.

The bulb is equipped with red, blue and green LEDs.  The remote control lets you mix these colors to obtain 15 different shades.  You can also dim the light intensity with the remote.  You can get this multi-color LED light bulb and remote at Amazon.

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Flip Compact Camcorder

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

The Flip is a pocket-sized camcorder that delivers high quality video. This is Flip’s latest model, featuring HD video and 8 GB of built-in memory. No tapes or memory cards are required to record video. The Flip camcorder has one-touch recording and a really simple, intuitive user interface. You can literally take this camcorder out of the box and be making videos in just a matter of minutes. Maybe the best part of the Flip camcorder is that it has a built-in USB arm that plugs right into a PC or MAC, so no wires or cables are needed to upload video. The Flip also comes with software that makes it easy to edit and email clips, make movies and photos and to upload clips to YouTube and MySpace.

My friend’s teenage son received a Flip as a gift and he uses it a lot, making movies of friends and his band. The Flip is really sturdy, withstanding the beating a teenager can give it. This handy camcorder is highly recommended.

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